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Arvest Impressions:

An inside look at the printing process

In Armenian, the word Arvest means "art". At Arvest Press we love what we do, and treat each new printing project with the artistic care of a skilled craftsperson. This passion translates to a high level of customer satisfaction, and top quality products.
Finishing Touches: Almost Perfect

What is Perfect Binding:


Perfect Binding a way to finish books, booklets and magazines with a soft cover and a spine on the edge. The process is straight forward, gather the pages, run a layer of glue along one edge and attach the one piece cover and spine. Arvest Press has a perfect binder in its finishing department. How it works is an interesting process.


First the book pages, rather than being imposed as a full book with an interelated page structure, is broken up into sections. These sections are divisible by four, and typically are printed as eights or sixteens. This doesn't mean you can't have a book printed if the number of pages is an odd number. The next time you're reading a paperback at the beach check the end of the novel, chances are there will be some blank pages. This is how the page count is brought to a number divisible by four.


The next step is to prepare the spine for glueing. The page sections are gathered together and the area where the spine will be adhered is then "ground". This process grinds what would be the nub of the folds in each page section into a flat surface. Hot glue is then applied to the flat edge.


The last step is to wrap the cover around the book so the spine rests against the ground edge. The glue cools, holding all the pieces in place. The book is then given side trims and a face trim, the trim on the outer edge, so all the pages are even. Voila', the latest pageturner is ready to read. 


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