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An inside look at the printing process

In Armenian, the word Arvest means "art". At Arvest Press we love what we do, and treat each new printing project with the artistic care of a skilled craftsperson. This passion translates to a high level of customer satisfaction, and top quality products.
Last thoughts on Printing Green


One big misconception about printing is how many trees are wasted in the process of making paper. The printing industry has taken steps to keep that waste to a minimum. Recycling, of course, is the best way to use material that would otherwise be dumped into landfills. Making paper from old paper and cardboard takes time and energy, but the end result is less forests are destroyed. Also, much of the fiber used in paper manufacturing actually comes from the shavings and chips left over from making lumber. Much like particle board in constuction makes use of waste, so has the paper business.


Another shift the paper industry has worked towards since adopting a more environmentally responsible attitude towards the forest is the creation of sustainable forestry. Tree farms, grown with the sole intent of producing paper years from now have been established. Most are FSC certified as well. Research to find a fast growing, easily replaceable tree is also in effect. The use of bamboo as a wood replacement is a good example of this.


To read more about what the paper and print industry see for the future visit the Choose Print website.

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