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In Armenian, the word Arvest means "art". At Arvest Press we love what we do, and treat each new printing project with the artistic care of a skilled craftsperson. This passion translates to a high level of customer satisfaction, and top quality products.
On the Press: More Ghostly Images

Gas Ghosting:

Gas ghosting is another way for a printed image to transfer to a different sheet. This chemical reaction usually happens during the drying process, and results in an image ghosting from the front of one sheet to the back of another. Unfortunately, gas ghosting is typically discovered after the drying period has elapsed, and is then costly to fix. Sometimes, gas ghosting can be caused when the ink on the second side of the sheet either dries too quickly or too slowly.


One method some printers use to combat ghosting is to use an inline coating for sheets with heavy coverage which seals the sheet. Other ways to keep ghosting to a minimum is to increase drying time, adjust the ink mix, and talk to your paper supplier. Sometimes a simple paper change will make all the difference. Shorter skids, so there are less sheets drying on top of each other, is a manual adjustment to help the cause too. Once a job has ghosted, it can sometimes be salvaged by applying a thin coat of varnish, but more often the fix is to reprint the ghosted lot.


Here at Arvest Press, the experience of our production staff helps to evaluate the job before it goes to press, so we can anticipate potential ghosting issues and make adjustments to the layout on the sheet before we start printing. Also, we have the advantage of being able to apply a coating in-line with our 5-color Komori, which eliminates any gas ghosting problems we might run into.

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