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In Armenian, the word Arvest means "art". At Arvest Press we love what we do, and treat each new printing project with the artistic care of a skilled craftsperson. This passion translates to a high level of customer satisfaction, and top quality products.
On the Press: Ghosting, the haunted press.


Ghosting on the PressSheet:


Ghosting is the faint image of an element in a design that is sometimes carried into another part of the design on the press sheet. A common culprit in Ghosting is artwork with heavy ink coverage that moves from light or no ink coverage back to heavy coverage. The mechanical transition on the rollers leaves a ghostly impression in an area of the press sheet where it does not belong. This is difficult to correct. Sometimes adding a simple take-off bar will help the design transition from a troubled spot to the next area, but sometimes more detailed measures are taken.


To explain by example, a job we recently printed used a specially mixed ink color. Even the draw down, the sample of the ink with the paper used to evaluate the color before printing had evidence of some light streaking. With a pigmentation that would challenge any pressman, coupled with a design that employed larger knockout text on a full solid, the job needed extra attention.


Running the job as it was set up in prepress immediately brought to light two issues, streaks in the solid and ghosting of the knocked-out text. The pressman's first response, a common one, was to make some adjustments to his water/ink mix to try to get rid of the streaks. For the ghosting, he angled the design on the press sheet to get rid of the ghosted lettering. Not the most popular solution with the finishing dept. but they know how to adjust the cutters for a tilted design. Lastly, the pressman altered the layout on the sheet to shift the patterning so the ink was carried in different directions.


Some days in the pressroom are more challenging than others.


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