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An inside look at the printing process

In Armenian, the word Arvest means "art". At Arvest Press we love what we do, and treat each new printing project with the artistic care of a skilled craftsperson. This passion translates to a high level of customer satisfaction, and top quality products.
Starting with the Basics: Are you my Type?


Many of you will be familiar with the items we'll cover in the blog, but it's good to remember that the roots of a good print job start with the initial files. We have a great production staff here at Arvest Press and one of their real strengths is their ability to troubleshoot problem files. Files with issues can sometimes clog the works though, and may lead to delays that push the stress levels as deadlines approach. So here are some simple tips to help smooth the way starting with:




Fonts, fonts, fonts. There are lots of good fonts out there, but sometimes that one you downloaded off the internet for free, and then used in your high end design piece, may not be the best choice. Using fonts from the established and reliable vendors may be the better path. The right to use a font for a particular purpose can sometimes be an issue as well. Sometimes a font will be available to view on the screen as you design, or in your webpage, but when it comes time to print, the font is locked for the printer. Then it's redesign or break out the credit card and purchase the additional rights. It's also good practice to always include the fonts with the files you submit, or if you supply a print ready PDF, make sure the fonts are embedded in the file. Most design programs have a function that gathers the working file and all the supporting documents, e.g. InDesign's Package feature. This provides the print shop with all the necessary files to do your job; working file, fonts, graphics and images.


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